TURBO DIESEL studies and designs personalized setups of compressors for the discharge of powders and liquids transported using cisterns on industrial tractors; among the other brands it is exclusive distributor for Italy of Mouvex products and it is the only company authorized to set up in Italy the new Mouvex Mh6, unique in its kind.

It produces stationary units activated using electric and auxiliary motors, in different solutions performed on customer requests.
It produces hydraulic systems marked Hydrocar for all uses in the transport sector.

Collaboration with the Interpump Group guarantees a fast and reliable service in after-sales service and in the distribution of spare parts at favorable prices.



The leading Mouvex Group uses exclusively the collaboration of TURBO DIESEL throughout the Italian territory for the services of review and management of the guarantees.

Reviews are also made on the compressors and accessories of the Ghh-Ingersoll Rand, Drum-Gardner Denver, Robuschi trademarks as well as on the related accessories.

TURBO DIESEL is the assembly and inspection centre for the Comav rotary valves.